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Welcome Umpires!

Umpires play an important role in Tigard Little League. They contribute to the development of our players, promote equity and fairness, and contribute to the positive culture within the organization. Umpiring is a terrific way for individuals to develop self confidence, leadership identity, and courage. For more information about being a Tigard Little League umpire please see below.

2017 Umpire Management Team

Connie Kling

Umpire in Chief & Umpire Trainer

Phone: (503) 734-6750

Kim Kelleher

Assistant Umpire in Chief

Phone: (503) 807-0305

Jim Anderton

Umpire Trainer

Umpire Rain Out Procedure

On days with questionable weather, here is what umpires must do:

  • Managers will notify the Umpire In Chief or Assistant Umpire in Chief by 3 p.m. each day with any games that have been rained out.
  • If your game is rained out, you will receive an email informing you. If you do not receive an email, your game is on.


Emergency Hotline

If you have an emergency that requires you to cancel:

  • Call Connie Kling, Umpire in Chief: (503) 734-6750, or
  • Call Kim Kelleher, Assistant Umpire in Chief: (503) 807-0305
  • If you are not able to actually speak with Connie or Kim please send a text message to both their cell phones.


Tigard Little League is always looking for umpires. If you are interested, please follow these steps to register: Click the Registration button below

  1. Create a Member Account for yourself (if you don't already have one)
    • Provide phone numbers and e-mail addresses
    • We have to be able to quickly contact you in the case of cancelled games
  2. Fill in all information
  3. Click Finish. You are done!

The Registration "Umpires" is not currently available.

Umpire Payment Process

Explanation of Payment Process information coming soon!

Umpire Uniforms

Umpires are reqiured to wear a baby blue or navy blue collared shirt, and dark blue or dark grey pants when umpiring. Shorts are not allowed.

Umpire Policies

Communication of assignments will occur through the Umpire Schedule online spreadsheets Umpires will not be e-mailed their assignments

2 Strikes and You're Out Policy

  • If you have 2 no shows or last minute cancellations as an umpire, you will be removed from all remaining assignments

Umpire Pay

  • $30 for Home Plate (Junior, Majors and AAA)
  • $25 for AA Home Plate
  • $20 for Base / Field (any level)

Tigard Little League Umpire Confirmation Process

Weekly Scheduling and Confirmation Process - umpire responsibilities are highlighted in red:

Wednesday The Umpire Scheduler will send an e-mail to all umpires requesting you to review the assignments for the next Monday - Sunday
  • Umpires must review all 4 Umpire Schedules (JV, Majors, AAA, AA)
  • Each umpire scheduled must send the Umpire Scheduler a confirmation e-mail with a:
    • Listing of the division/date/time/location for each assignment
    • Confirmation that you will or will not commit to all of the dates
  • The Umpire Scheduler will send out an e-mail that will:
    • Report that all spots are now filled
    • Ask for takers on open spots
  • Umpires wanting the open spots should e-mail the Umpire Scheduler with their requests
  • The Umpire Scheduler will directly email the umpire(s) that are assigned to each open game
  • Umpire(s) who are receive an email from the Umpire Scheduler must reply to confirm with the Umpire Scheduler that you will or will not commit to umpire the game
  • The Umpire Scheduler will highlight the confirmed assignment in GREEN or WHITE on the spreadsheet
Sunday The Scheduler will send an e-mail to umpires scheduled for Sunday make-up games that are not needed

Oregon District 4 Softball InterLock Rules

These rules are applicable when playing interlock games at all softball league levels (Majors, AAA, AA and A)


For questions contact the Umpire in Chief Connie Kling at or mobile at (503) 734-6750.